CallMe360 LIVE – simple definition

CallMe360 LIVE is a holistic retail solution to connect product experts online to your customers to consult, advise, initiate & execute sales.

CallMe360 LIVE instantly connects consumers to an expert with low latency and high-quality video – providing an offline shopping experience in the online world.

CallMe360 LIVE brings products and personl service into the living room of consumers.

How does it work & what to expect

CallMe360 LIVE is unique software solution, because it is developed by retail experts, providing a fully flexible feature set-up for tailor-made implementations based on our customer’s needs.

CallMe360 LIVE features one-to-one communication by LIVE chat, call and call-back & one-way or two-way video. With additional modules such as LIVE sessions (one-to-many), QR-code @POS, CRM or appointment the system can be upgraded at any time.

As a service provider, SigmaCEM is delivering full service: from system integration providing all necessary hard- and software and individual widget design to providing e-promoters and broadcasting studios on request.

The initial 3 months after implementation we see as marketing efforts: get the LIVE video shopping service known on the retailer’s website. After implementation and 3 months of acceleration you can start measuring variety of KPIs which show a boost of conversion and customer satisfaction through the proven power, personalization, and convenience of one-to-one live video shopping.

Whom do we target?

Everyone who’s strategy is to create seamless world in retail from sale to aftersales!

CallME360 LIVE is a platform for personal customer interaction in Marketing, Sales, Aftersales & Complaint Management.

Marketing & Sales

Providing personalized advice can distinguish any online offering from that of your competitors.

CallMe360 LIVE is bringing the best of in-store retail experiences online. Engaging the customers in real-time by showing and explaining all product features of the entire online assortment with real products.

By establishing trust through personal interaction with a consultant, CallMe360 LIVE is helping to increase your conversions.


Supported by CallMe360 LIVE, service engineers and customer service representatives can cover a wide range of use cases without being physically present at the customer’s site. Even complex problems can be solved by remote LIVE video support. That brings happiness and loyalty of customers and savings on business account.

Complaint Management

Regardless of the industry, top-quality customer service is always a priority. CallMe360 LIVE provides immediate help to customers without the need for multiple touchpoints, which can be a frustrating customer experience. Customer service agents that communicate via video chat are more likely to improve their first contact resolution. All these actions lead to more brand engagement and a loyal following.

CallMe360 LIVE is open and useful for all kinds of industries. SigmaCEM successfully implemented LIVE video shopping for example in DIY, Consumer Electronics, Beauty & Healthcare organizations. In addition to this we cover NGOs as well as CallMe30 LIVE is used for daily public governmental affairs.

With Callme360 you can solve out complaints before they occur.

Why to choose CallMe360 LIVE

Both Business and customers agree, that providing LIVE video shopping keeps business ahead of the game. The pros are obvious: a personal touch, increase conversion rates and online sales, reduced business costs, higher customer satisfaction rates, and a sustainable innovative brand experience.

But for us LIVE video shopping with CallMe360 LIVE is more than just connecting people – we think holistically not only in our systems but also in our day-to-day efforts. That’s why we deliver an out-of-the-box solution with tailor-made features & modules made for the individual needs of our partners (boutique approach).

The Sigma360 environment

By using CallMe360 LIVE, companies gain access to the entire Sigma360 environment where we have for you:

✔ Manago360 comprehensive CRM module;

✔ Opinello360 tool which collect real time feedback, customer opinions and NPS scores;

✔ TestMe360 for employees that checks and expands their knowledge;

✔ Booker360 where customers can book services on specific dates;

✔ Excellence center a premium class call center for a competitive price.

The entire 360 environment is inter-connected and individual modules can be combined in any configuration. They can also be tailored to the company’s strategy, indicating which brands, customers, products or services should be supported first.

Is your business ready to embrace the future of LIVE vide shopping? Is your business ready to be Sigmified?