Manago360 – a simple definition

Manago360 is a unique software solution designed to help manage all different customer processes and relationships in your company: engagement, acquisition, and retention.

Manago360 is driven by the individual needs of your customers first and delivers a superior, personalized customer experience. We are connecting your team with your customer.

How How does it work & what to expect?

For vast majority of professionals, Customer Management is crucial, however, the belief in a beneficial outcome is lacking. With Manago360 all management levels can see the difference of data and CRM in daily business. To expand our CRM capabilities, we are using cloud services and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) modules.

For us CRM is a mindset. We @SigmaCEM build from scratch. Holistically. We listen. Build a system around our client’s needs and expectations. We don´t just implement an existing standard CRM solution. We build solid not fast taking CRM not only as technology but also as strategy and as a creative process into consideration. We do not silo different stakeholders but integrate them.

Manago360 is a CRM system fully tailored to the needs of your company, but at the same time easy to expand and integrate. It has communication, optimization, analytical and scenario modules. As a company, you choose exactly what you need, in a way that matches your character and the potential that your business requires.

And we love data knowing that data is essential to be defined in strategy, creative and technology surroundings. Data for us means being perfectly prepared for action.

Already during the initial 3 months after implementation, clear and reliable insights into customer behaviour are provided via a customizable dashboard. To deliver actionable insights and predictive customer analysis we use SigmaCEM A.I. powered module. With this information, meaningful and profitable relationships with customers are initiated and automated. In the long run, Manago360 improves sales forecasting and productivity, increases customer loyalty, enables accurate sales reporting, maximizes marketing ROI, and improves service.

Whom do we target?

While all businesses stand to benefit from the use of a CRM, businesses that have sales or marketing teams or want to increase their efficiency should especially consider using Manago360.

Our idea of a CRM system is simple: Improve business relationships to grow our client’s businesses. Manago360 helps manage customer relationships across the entire customer lifecycle, at every marketing, sales, e-commerce, and customer service interaction. Even the HR department of our clients can benefit if requested.

Manago360 is open and useful for all kinds of industries with different scales and scopes of business: SigmaCEM successfully implemented Manago360 in retail environments, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as in FMCG, DIY, and Consumer Electronics manufacturers.

“Manago360 has allowed me to grow my business through one main hub. Client management, lead management, financial analysis … and so much more.”

Marcin F. – Director of Commercial Operations

Why to choose Manago360

Manago360 CRM solution can be used in various ways and provide numerous benefits to your business. We carved out in total 11 benefits from better Customer Service to improved Customer retention to a more accurate Customer Segmentation and perfectly adjusted Customer communication.

We believe that Manago360 is made for your customers whilst all benefits are felt by your company. Moreover, Manago360 is done by experienced managers for managers.

Is your business ready to embrace a holistic CRM solution? Is your business ready to be Sigmified?

The Sigma360 environment

By using Mango360, companies gain access to the Sigma360 environment where we have for you:

✔ CallMe360 LIVE which is a holistic retail solution connecting product experts online to your customers to consult, advise, initiate & execute sales;

✔ Opinello360 tool which collect real time feedback, customer opinions and NPS scores;

✔ TestMe360 for employees that checks and expands their knowledge;

✔ Booker360 where customers can book services on specific dates;

✔ Excellence center a premium class call center for a competitive price.

The entire 360 environment is inter-connected and individual modules can be combined in any configuration. They can also be tailored to the company’s strategy, indicating which brands, customers, products or services should be supported first.