Contact center – simple definition

Contact Center is a customer service center that enables your customers to communicate with your company through skilled and trained consultants. Contact can be made through telephone conversations, chat, and email.

The goal of the Contact Center is to provide your customers professional service, answer their questions, and solve any problems they may encounter. High-quality support and advice build relationships that translate into increased sales and profits.

How do we work & what you can expect

Our Contact Center service is made up of qualified consultants who are ready to acquire new knowledge and support your company. At SigmaCEM, the satisfaction of our employees, who in turn take care of your customers’ satisfaction, is a top priority.

Our Contact Center is built on best practices and technologies to ensure fast and effective customer service. We believe that continuous improvement of our services and caring for our consultants transforms into success and satisfaction for your customers.

We offer you a team, working in our modern CallMe system, and in return, we expect your trust. Collaborating with us will improve the quality of contact with your customers and allow you to focus on developing your business by entrusting us with some of your responsibilities. With such a solution, everyone is in a winning position.

Who is our target audience?

We are here for you and your company, regardless of whether you are a small or large business. It doesn’t matter to us whether you deal with product or service sales. We want to get to know you and your company and take care of your customers’ satisfaction.

If you have already achieved many successes and want to further optimize customer service, we will be happy to support your efforts and adapt to your ideas. We will present you modern and optimal solutions and share our ideas for further development of customer contact. Our consultants will ensure a more effective contact between your company and consumers.

If you are just starting your business journey or want to delegate some of your responsibilities to us, we will take care of your company’s good name. Together, we will create relationships between your company and your customers. We will present you with our experience and proposals for optimizing customer contact.

Why to choose our Contact Center

Contact Center is an important tool for companies that want to ensure high levels of customer service and build a positive image of their brand. At SigmaCEM, we do not ignore modern solutions and we keep up with the times. We implement AI technologies to streamline customer service, while at the same time not underestimating the fact that human contact is very important for consumers.

That’s why we offer a team of young and eager-to-learn consultants. Their friendly service is highly appreciated by our company’s customers, and even more so by the customers of the companies we cooperate with. We constantly develop, train our team, and improve our systems. We implement modern technologies that allow us to streamline service and reduce costs for you. Our office is constantly changing for the better, so that everyone who is in it feels good and conveys their good mood in the form of professional customer service.

Our characteristic is the ability to listen and take action. With us, you will build an even better image of your brand and increase your profits.

The sigma360 environment

By using our Contact Center, companies gain access to the entire Sigma360 environment where we have for you:

✔ CallMe360 LIVE which is a holistic retail solution connecting product experts online to your customers to consult, advise, initiate & execute sales;

✔ Manago360 comprehensive CRM module;

✔ Opinello360 tool which collect real time feedback, customer opinions and NPS scores;

✔ TestMe360 for employees that checks and expands their knowledge;

✔ Booker360 where customers can book services on specific dates.

Contact us and see that it’s worth working with SigmaCEM!